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4Repairs.net is for customers who have already purchased service contract through a retailer. Customers can use this site to:

General FAQs

  • If you would like to speak with a Customer Service Representative please c all 800-867-2216, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm
  • Our self-service portal is available 24/7

Our customers are our #1 priority- and that includes your health and safety. Due to the circumstances caused by COVID-19 we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our process to ensure our customers are provided the service needed while maintaining a safe environment to do so.

No. After a replacement has been processed for a specific item the service contract DOES NOT transfer to the replacement item. However, depending on your item you may be able to purchase a NEW service contract on the item at the time of replacement – this is dependent on the store’s policy where you purchased your item(s).

Yes. As the customer, you are responsible for paying:

  • Shipping/Delivery costs of replacement item
  • Taxes on replacement item

For an emergency regarding an issue under a Home Warranty:

  • Click File a Claim and then call a local servicer. Send a copy of your invoice to 4Wtech@fortegra.com (include your claim # in the subject line) and we will reimburse what is covered under your extended service contract.
  • You are responsible for the $75.00 service call fee – See question WILL I HAVE TO PAY A DEDUCTIBLE?

NOTE: For cooling or heating systems over ten (10) years old: If the repair is over $600 or parts are not available to repair the equipment, a $600 replacement allowance will be paid to You. This allowance will increase by $50 for each full year You have an active Agreement up to a maximum of $1,000. Proof of purchase of a new heating or cooling system is required to be provided to the Administrator in the form of a purchase receipt within sixty (60) days.

Browser Compatibility: We are committed to providing outstanding customer service to our diverse customer base. We recognize that our visitors may have various operating systems and internet browsers. The site supports most browsers, but works best with Internet Explorer. This site has no warranty of compatibility. If you have any trouble viewing the site or filing your claim, please contact us at 800-867-2216